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Candice Grey Reflexologist, Holistic Practitioner

Candice Grey provides reflexology services.  She can also offer combinations of Ionic Detox Foot baths with your reflexology treatments and Aromatherapy.


Candice believes reflexology is a treatment that can benefit young and old. She feels it is a great addition to the individual’s personal wellness program. China, India and Egypt practised reflexology thousands of years ago. It reduces stress, improves circulation and complements other healing modalities such as naturopathic medicine, massage therapy, reiki etc. She is also a holistic practitioner that provides massage therapy services, rain drop therapy, natural facials, laser facials and much more.


She has had a long time interest in alternative therapies specifically reflexology and aromatherapy. Her goal is to bring the benefits of reflexology to the people of London. In her spare time, she enjoys nature and the outdoors, time with her 3 boys and husband. She enjoys working with the other members of the Rebalance London Team.

Bath Salts and Soap

Initial Visit - Intake and treatment


Treatment - 1 Hour


Please call the clinic on Combination therapy discounts and other services.

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