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Dr. Ali Kala Naturopathic Doctor

Throughout my own personal health journey, I’ve experienced burnout, stress induced illness,
weight management and mental health struggles. My belief that our bodies have incredible
potential for health and balance inspired my approach to recovery and regaining balance.
I learned not only how essential it is to prioritize health, but how it is just as vital to put in the
consistent effort to maintain it. I learned the tools to make that happen. Most importantly, I
gained deep empathy for others, for the struggle of not feeling your best while knowing you
have so much more to offer.

Today I use my experience to fuel my passion: empowering others to reach their full potential. I
am on a mission to inspire young adults to overcome their challenges, thrive in their
health, and live a life of purpose. I want to help you go from unwell and unsure to balanced
and empowered.

Through my unique treatment process I aim to deliver transformational health care. I support
young adults who are ready to step into a deeper understanding of their health and turn that
awareness into action. This approach is the right fit for you if you are ready to let go of quick
fixes and take the time to invest in yourself.

There are 5 pillars to my approach: health education, overcoming barriers, mindset shifts,
lifestyle upgrades, and individualized supplementation.
Whatever your goals are — running a marathon, being a better parent, building an empire,
finding a deeper sense of self — I am here to help you get there.


Fun Facts about me:
- Since moving to Canada I’ve become an avid nature lover and explorer. My
favourite so far is Algonquin Park. If you want to feel at peace, go walk in a
- I highly value family time and community. This life is made to be shared and
having high quality relationships adds so much colour.
- An introvert at heart, I often take time in seclusion to recharge and reflect.
My favourite place to do this is at a campfire, there is just something
mesmerizing about watching the flames.

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