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Massage Therapy

Wendy Hinton, RMT

Wendy Hinton, AKA The Barbell Massage Therapist. has been an RMT for over 12 years and she has a passion for helping clients move and feel better in their sport of choice and life. 

Wendy treats a variety of clients but one thing that brings them all together is their active role in their own recovery and mobility. Wendy has always believed in the value of Massage Therapy and what it can bring to someone's recovery from injury and as a preventative measure in helping you perform at your best in wherever life takes you. Wendy uses a whole body approach to her care and includes other modalities in addition to massage therapy such as Fascial Stretch Therapy, Rocktape applications, Instrument Assisted Soft tissue mobilization and self care programs depending on clients needs.  Wendy is also a certified Pregnancy and Postpartum rehab coach and can assist you in your active journey through out pregnancy. 

On a personal note, she is married to her highschool sweetheart and they have a 9 year old hockey loving boy who dreams of riding bulls. Wendy grew up in London, ON after moving from England with her family when she was young, however, she now calls Belmont home and they all  love the small town vibe. Wendy grew up playing soccer for many years and a variety of other sports in school, these days she stays active in her own garage gym doing Crossfit. 

Therapeutic massage

Often recommended by a health professional as a component of a comprehensive treatment plan, therapeutic massage treats injuries, pain, muscle spasms and stress. It also can assist with increasing muscle tone and flexibility.

Swedish massage

Widely used around the world, Swedish massage therapy uses several different types of strokes including a sliding or gliding movement, friction and kneading. The technique has demonstrated effectiveness in decreasing stiffness and pain for sufferers of osteoarthritis.

Myofascial release

This technique involves stretching and releasing bonds between the connective tissue fibers and muscles. The goal is to increase range of motion and eliminate pain. Myofascial release typically involves the application of tension in different directions, often by rolling of the skin.

Deep tissue massage

In deep tissue massage, the registered massage therapist works to realign the connective tissue and deep muscle layers. The technique often can provide relief for chronic pain and stiffness in the upper and lower back, neck, legs and shoulders.

Prenatal massage

Massage provided to a pregnant woman by a professional, registered massage therapist can safely decrease muscle tension, release stress and contribute to overall well-being. Massage therapy can help relieve typical discomforts many pregnant women experience, including headaches, swelling and cramping in legs, backaches and stiff necks.

Sports massage

Athletes often use sports massage before or after events to lessen fatigue, reduce swelling and muscle tension, improve flexibility and decrease the possibility of injuries. A registered massage therapist can help athletes reduce tension and stress that often builds during strenuous activity.


Contact us to learn more about the range of massage therapy provided or to book a consultation. 


Fees *Include HST

New Client assessment and treatment (60 minutes)  $125

60 minutes $100

45 minutes $75

30 minutes $65 

We do offer direct billing for most extended health care plans.  Please check with your provider if you are unsure if this is set up for your plan.

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